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In a phone interview Wednesday, Alonso said the policy was consistent with those at other public agencies, including his most recent employer, the Sonoma Department of Health Services. He said the office was still dedicated to being open and accurate. He said attorneys are still allowed to comment on their cases. “We want to make sure the great work that’s happening all across the office gets recognition it deserves,” Alonso said. “Part of that means keeping people in the loop and ensuring if there are statements made, they’re coordinated…We want to be strategic in getting the word out.” The creation of a media policy is a first for the DA’s office, but consistent with a trend in public agencies to restrict employees’ direct communication with members of the press. In Oakland, for instance, all press inquiries for the city and the police force are funneled through PIOs. Alameda DA employees are told to run statements by a PIO first. And in recent years, many Bay Area law enforcement agencies have begun using social media to issue news releasing, and decline interview requests. In February the DA’s office hired Alonso. Before then, general media inquiries went to the DA’s assistant, and attorney and inspectors were permitted to speak to the media at-will. Alonso was hired for an annual base pay of $89,040. He’s the agency’s first PIO.

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