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“I just received a call from Pat Quinn with a very gracious congratulations. It was a hard-fought race,” Raoul said. “We had an embarrassment of riches, we had eight highly qualified candidates that lent themselves to the rigorous five month campaign,” he said. “I want to thank each and every one of them.” Speaking about immigrants and his own Haitian background, Raoul said during his acceptance speech: “My father always taught me to be a proud Haitian-American. And I don’t care what Donald Trump says. I ain’t come from no type of hole.” “We are a nation of immigrants. Immigrants built this country and I certainly, as your next attorney general, will be one to fight for each and every immigrant that makes a contribution.” From the very beginning of the vote count Tuesday night, Raoul pulled ahead of the pack. But as vote totals trickled in, his 10-point lead over Quinn shrunk to a mere 2.8-percent lead with 94 percent of the precincts reporting. About 33,000 votes separated the two men. Raoul will face political neophyte and former Miss America Erika Harold who won the GOP nomination for attorney general.

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